yotijay 50x Fishing Propeller Blade, Non Damaging Propeller

yotijay 50x Fishing Propeller Blade, Non Damaging Propeller

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OJ Prop 13X13-4 Blade, Keyed, Bore 1, RH, 0.90

Like its predecessor, The LEGEND 3-blade, The FORCE 4-BLADE is a strong and affordable performer. The FORCE 4-Blade was the first 4-blade

OJ Prop 13X13-4 Blade | Keyed | Bore 1 | RH | 0.90

Innovative design and advanced technology make it the most powerful and efficient trolling motor prop available Provides up to 30% more battery

MotorGuide 8M4004173 Katana Two-Blade Propeller — 10.25-Inch Diameter, 3.5-Inch Hub — Includes Prop Pin, Nut and Washer

Teignbridge 5 Blade Nibral 30 x 38 3.00 LH I/B Propeller-GP

Yo-Zuri's 3DB Prop utilizes a polycarbonate prop for a unique sound and long life. The 3DB Prop creates a commotion with large airplane blades that displace more water. Other features include an internal cadence rattle and noisy BBs, plus an injured red eye appearance that game fish key in on. Features patented Wave-Motion Ribs for increased vibration and an internal 3D prism that makes predators sit up and take notice.

Yo-Zuri 3DB Prop - Prism Ayu

HQProp Juicy J40 5.1x4x3 Propeller is the perfect balanced prop for a juicy experience! The HQProp J40 props have a diameter of 5.1, 4 pitch, and 5mm shaft hole, and only weigh 3.4g! Two different colors to choose from: smokey gray, clear yellowNote: (Insert any product notes here in Red BOLD Italic.

HQ Juicy Prop J40 5.1X4X3 Blue

Yo-Zuri 3DB Series Prop

FEATURES, Innovative 'Vibro-flash' propeller spinner blade flashes and creates a sonic vibration as it rips through the water to coax fish to strike.

Propeller Vibro-Flash Jig Head Fishing Soft Plastic Lures | 5g - 2 pack | FISHIN ADDICT

Replacement Trolling Motor Prop ,Trolling Motors Mount Accessories (3 Blade 50lb 55lb 62lb 86lb Thrust) : Sports & Outdoors

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