Hooks – Grapentin Specialties, Inc.

Hooks – Grapentin Specialties, Inc.

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Hooks – Grapentin Specialties, Inc.

Road Runner Walleye Lure & Hook Kit, 21 Piece Kit Contains:, 13 Button Tail Bodies, 1 Road Runner Head 1/8 oz, 2 Road Runner Heads 1/4 oz, 1 Road

Ultimate Walleye Kit 21 Pieces

Pack of 2 Crappie Rigs (No Hooks), Spot Rig for Chesapeake Bay Area, 18-Inch 60# Nylon Coated Wire, Stainless Steel Twisted Arms

Two-Arm Crappie Rig (No Hooks)

River's Edge Double-Hook Drift Rig / Crawler Harness, 36-Inch 20# Clear Monofilament Line, Size 4 Hooks on All Except:, #JS-1 & JS-8 has Size 2 Red

Double-Hook Crawler Harness

Keeps Your Bait on the Hook!

Bronze Baitholder Snelled Hooks - Size 6-6 Per Pack, 24 Packs = 144 Hooks BH-6

Muskie/Pike Rig w/Blades - Two Packs - #PR68 - Summer, Tip-up or Bobber - Size 6 & 8 Treble Hooks : Sports & Outdoors

Pack of 50 Eagle Claw Treble Hooks (Style #375), We Buy Bulk & Package Ourselves, Nickel Finish, Available in Sizes 6, 4 & 2, Salmon, Muskie,

Treble Hooks: Pack of 50

Rita's Triple Slammer Perch Rig – Grapentin Specialties, Inc.

Hooks – Grapentin Specialties, Inc.

Mustad Snelled Central Draught Hook Fishing Terminal Tackle (6 Pack), Bronze, Size 24 : Sports & Outdoors

Pack of 3 Stinger Hooks, Available in:, 2-Inch or 3-Inch Length, Red or Bronze Hooks, Fast Snap Clip-On Connector or Slip-On Style, Mustad

Mission Stinger Hook

VMC Faultless Octopus Hook, Red, Pack of 100, We Buy Bulk and Package, Great for Making Harnesses, Available in Size 2 or 4, Made in France

Faultless Octopus Hooks: Pack of 100

Grapentin Specialties, Inc.