X-Rap® Saltwater SubWalk™

X-Rap® Saltwater SubWalk™

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The adrenaline pumping X-Rap® Saltwater SubWalk™ is designed to perform a walk-the-dog swimming action just below the surface. Xtreme flash and

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X-Rap Saltwater SubWalk

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Rapala changed the game forever when it introduced a saltwater bait that can perform Walk-the-Dog action at subsurface depths and the Rapala X-Rap Saltwater SubWalk 09 Topwater Subsurface Walker is that bait. It can dive up to 2 feet and perform a walking action with an X-Rap attitude. It has a side- to-side motion and an Xtreme flash, thanks to its translucent body, with 17 available colored cores that triggers fish instincts to attack.

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